The OPeNDAP Citation Creator


What is OCCUR?

OCCUR is the OPeNDAP Citation Creator.
OCCUR helps to streamline the workflow of data scientists by allowing users to format and store citations of data served through OPeNDAP servers.


Formatting Citations

OCCUR converts OPeNDAP queries into formatted citations. It sources three blocks of information: 1. The OPeNDAP query, 2. Metadata stored in the DAS, 3. The point in time of the citation creation. OCCUR converts this data into CSL-JSON and leverages citeproc to turn the data into formatted citation snippets.


Storing Citations

OCCUR stores Citations. A stored citation is associated with a unique identifier that can later be de-referenced. Storing citations in OCCUR has two major advantages. 1. Fixity: During de-referencing, OCCUR verifies that the data in the OPeNDAP resource has not been modified since the creation of the citation. 2. Identity: OCCUR identifies and merges citations to identical datasets.

OCCUR is on Github
OCCUR is supported by the ESIP Federation.